We are a team of tantric massage therapists and bodyworkers who are here to serve you in learning more about yourself. We want to bring you into deeper connection with your sexuality and support you in letting go of everything you do not need in your life anymore. That will help you create your life in the way that you want.

We focus on quality of touch, presence and love, opening a space for intimacy where you can feel loved, seen and felt.

Each one of us offers unique sessions, and has a different background of experience and approaches. We look forward to meeting you in person and sharing with you our skills according to your needs.

Paula - available

Paula is a certified tantric massage therapist which has her own and unique way of sharing tantric experience.

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If you want to escape your daily routine and enter a whole new world of total relaxation mixed with sensuality and spiced up with with passion, come and see Mia.

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I am a very energetic and sensual woman. Come to experience adventure.

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Kristin is an empathetic and gentle woman who loves to pemper people and give love through the touch and absolute presence to them and that is how she came to Tantra massages.

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Freya is a composed, calm, listening, and sensitive woman.

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Beautiful woman who will mesmerize you with her eyes. Her hair is like flames that will warm you up and awakens your curiosity.

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For me sharing a touch has always been something magical.  The feeling of a warm energy that expands through you when skin touches skin. 

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Fragility of a fairy - wildness of a lioness. Helako will seduce you with her first look and sensual smile of an oriental princess.

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