Vojta Michael Shade CSB

(Available for a skype coaching)

Motto of his work: If you protect yourself from evil, how goodness can come to you? Japaneese wisdom

Adalbert is a certified  somatic sexologist, Master bodyworker and Bodyartist  with 12 years of experience with bodywork.

His background comes from  traditional technics of East and Hawaii in combination with modern approach of Tantra ,Sacred sexuality and Shamanism.

His main focus is on creating sessions as a journey into the landscape of humans emotions where they can be met in authentic expressions and being transformed into fresh vital energy.

He is author of several  technics of bodywork and somatic coaching sessions  which are always designed according the clients needs in each moment. Their aim is all from release of pain and tension in body  to create the ability to set boundaries, healthy control, enter into our power and being able to communicate desires and needs.

He believes that bodywork can be one of the most direct ways into altered states of the mind and he creates a space for individuals and groups to go on that journey where you gain the trust and courage to face your shadows and fears and transform them in a healthy, safe and playful way into source of your personal power.

Adalbert also offers Skype coaching sessions on topics of sexuality, both for men and women.

He runs several bodywork centers in Europe and is currently attending workshops with the  best teachers in order to improve his skills and share the knowledge with his team and colleagues. 

What is my work about?

I see the human body as an instrument and myself as a musician virtuoso. Bodywork is the music which resonates on every string of your existence. With use of a broad  scale of quality touch we can nourish every cell of your body with the essence of your being and bring up the vibrations  that create your life exactly the way you want it.

Education and journey


January 2016 Watsu training "Liquid flow" with Daryia and Daniel, Auroville, India


De-armouring level II. with Andrew Barness

BDSM and breath with Felix Ruckert and Marina Kronkvist

Workshop of Shibari

Shadow tantra with Seani Love

Lomi lomi nui, hawaiian shamanism and bodywork with Jody Soltau Mountain ( 50 hours)

¨Like a pro¨workshop with Betty Martin  on Wheel of consent

Erotic massage coaching with Betty Martin 

Ritual play workshop with Marina Kronvist

Cranio sacral healing with M. Bohunicky 

Quality of touch workshop with M. Bohunicky

Tantric workshop with Robert Silber, ISTA

Yoga training with Lyndon Manson in Sri lanka , 150 hours

Ayurvedic Sinhala massage training in Sri lanka


Sexual shamanism with ISTA (Internation school of temple arts)

Conscious BDSM with Ruby May

Tantric workshop from Osho tradition

Workshop on sensory perception with Omakuel

Tantric dearmouring with Andre Barness

Energetic orgasm with Andrew Barness

Tantric relationship training with Andrew Barness


Tantric massage ¨Art of touch¨with EASE( Europian school of somatic education)

Sexological bodywork with Joseph Kramer phd

Toksen bodywork, Thailand

 Thai Hot stone massage, Thailand

Blood test analysis , Thailand, Dr. Betterman


Lomi lomi workshop, Norway

Tantric workshop with Baba Dez, (ISTA)

Certification of 3 years of school of Biodanza with Dean Matuka

Tantric workshop, Norway


Ayrvedic massage, India

Ayurvedic massage, Nepal

Reiki III. , India

Vipassana acording S. N. Goenka

Study of yoga and vedic meditations, India


Automatic painting training

Reiki II. and teaching of Saint Germain



Shiatsu workshop

Classic massage


Reiki I. and teaching of Saint Germain


Begining of transformative journey, practise of yoga, meditation, shamanism and sexual taoism