Susan - available

My name is Susan and I´m a tantric masseuse. I´ve been doing massages for many years.

It will be my great pleasure to take you on the journey of tantra. The journey of the touches full of love. The journey of tender strokes and hugs. The journey of self-exploring and letting go of everything uselless. I´ll help you to explore and perceive your body. I´ll awake and heel your sexual energy and please your mind and soul. Let yourself to be in safe space with me. Just let go and be here and now. I´ll recognize what your body needs through gentle touches and energetic connection. I perceive tantra as my mission full of love. It´s like the most beautiful ritual to me. The ritual of two dancing bodies, two dancing energies, that interconnect within borders and create new dimensions and depths of their experiences, emotions and feelings. So, come and enjoy!