Jasmin can help you to be fully connected to your body, energy and ecstatic potential every body holds.

She will guide you with her touch into relaxing aliveness where you can feel yourself from inside. We create intimate magic where you meet yourself and feel the force of creation, sexual energy flowing through you. Tantra massage for me is a kind of holistic therapy that connects your vital areas into One. It is a journey to wholeness. It connects your mind to your body, your heart to your sex, your energy to your awareness and your being to the source of potential bliss. Through intention, conscious loving touch, meditative presence & concentration on pleasure we create a sacred space where deep relaxation is possible, spontaneous healing can occur as well as possibilities of exploring your sensuality, sexuality, receptivity and acceptance. We are in this body so that we can feel, so that we can use our senses to experience the innate beauty and joy of our existence. Let's slow down a bit and let me guide you on your tantric journey.